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Hey guys! I have a new Minecraft server to share with you today! This server offers a safe, friendly atmosphere with a group of helpful admins. Thanks go to HootsieOwl for finding it! Check it out below!

Minecraft servers’ IP address: kidzzone.ca
Minecraft servers’ Port: 2000

Here is a first look at the entrance to the server!


There are different portals that lead to different game modes.

It can be a pretty busy server at times – there are lots of friendly people to meet!


I think the entire server looks really nice!

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  1. I just remembered 1 of my favorite things from this app….WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE SURVIVE A SEED CHALLENGE????!!!!

  2. I’ve heard some people talking about that and I’ve been wondering, @ShadowWolf20162, what is a survive a seed challenge? I’m not sure if I was here when that was going on.

  3. Also, I remember the story called Castaway, it was one that they wrote, and I really liked that one, but I’m not sure if that’s what it is? ^ But that story might have been written by someone else who ran the app too, but doesn’t anymore, I’m not sure!

  4. Survive a seed is a challenge they set up where there is a seed given that would be difficult to survive in and after so long you would send in pics showing you progress like if you have a shelter or a garden ect

  5. Ooh that sounds really cool! Yeah I was thinking of the wrong thing, but that might be cool to start again hopefully!

  6. Ya what ever happened to survive a seed cause I found a good seed for it it is “What is Minecraft?”