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Hey guys! I always think some of the Minecraft glitches we’ve seen in the past have been the opportunity for some great designs. Today I have another glitch from FireBright and it’s created a whole new world for building on!

FireBright died and his world ended up looking like this!

What a cool place to build a new world on! It’d be pretty tragic if this destroyed any previously made designs though!

Here is another view of the glitched up world design!

Have you seen any Minecraft glitches like this? Why not share them with us by sending them to submissions@minecraftpecheats.com.

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  1. That’s happened to me to. I was going to send them in but I thought they had already sent in something like this

  2. It is on android- it is actually cause of an app that isn’t on iOS called pocket inv editor when you change and ond world and to, say a flat world, then back again after you have revisited the world it will spawn these cheaky chunks of land everywhere. Just another of the many glitches in Minecraft 😐

  3. What is the point of posting THIS!!!! They are just minecraft glitches…. It’s not like you glitches it to a world of diamonds :/ 👎

  4. I own PocketInvEditor. (Not on my iOS device) and i have done that before. It looks cool

  5. My sis had this glitch once where she died and she went exploring into a mine and it had 5 layers of each ore (iron, gold, diamond, redstone, etc)

  6. Imagine if you died and when you respawned half your house was 20 blocks above you. That would be a sad day…

  7. if you take an old world & make it infinite on either device this will happen. I just did it yesterday & looked the same way.