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Hey guys! Bakerboyt is going to be helping us today to teach us how to put signs on chests. If you’d like to learn more Minecraft guides and glitches like this, let us know by leaving a comment below!

Normally if you would try to place a sign on a chest this image would show up…

image2 (9)

In most cases, it’s impossible to put a sign on a chest without opening it instead.

image1 (12)
But if you crouch/sneak you can place a sign on the chest without opening it up!

image3 (10)

This trick can be used even on furnaces, crafting tables, anvils, hoppers, dispensers, and droppers! Hope you can use this tip/cheat in some epic build! Happy Crafting! Thanks for the Minecraft guides Bakerboyt!

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  1. Bakerboyt, im glad you posted this, because like @TheDestroyer said, the rest of the 97.3% of people that didnt know this do now! (I did know this, but now more people do!)

  2. Your so right Cole, because I didn’t KNOW THIS AND I DONT GET Wats wrong with that

  3. Yes I agree with cole, many people know this including me, but a few don’t so at least they know now.

  4. You can crouch and put carpet on furnace’s, crafting tables, chests even carpet on a bed. Or torches on crafting table, furnaces etc. Because when you crouch you can’t open chests, or going in a furnace. You can even crouch on the PC now and use a name tag on a villager when they are by a nether portal.

  5. I am guessing that if you needed to put any block on top of a hopper or etc, that would work too.

  6. I knew it already, but like other people said, still helpful that more people know about it!

  7. @EmeraldGreene
    I guess to say their opinion. And I read it cause few things are posted anymore

  8. Cole: was it a minecraft cat or a real one? I couldn’t live without my real cat and minecraft cats I have like 30 on a roller coaster going round and round

  9. This comment is kinda weird ._. After talking about everybody knows this everybody knows that and come to a person cat died….

  10. Well sorry about your cat in minecraft/real life (because idk which he’s talking about)…

  11. @Diamond8633 I don’t mean offence to anyone but I agree, it’s basic Minecraft knowledge isn’t it?