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Hey guys! I have a really interesting guide to share today from MEGAMON!

MEGAMON has sent in Minecraft guides before but this one is a little more complicated so brace yourselves!

With this guide you will be able to make paintings of absolutely anything you want! This is the painting that MEGAMON has created for this particular guide.

image5 (1)

Here’s the guide from MEGAMON. So, before you start, make a new old world map, (This way you know your boundaries on the map) and place blocks all around the border of the map. To make sure, keep checking the map every one in awhile. Once done, make sure minebot is on the world. Tell minebot “fill” and place blocks in the corners and minebot will fill it in. Learn how to use Minebot here. http://minecraftpecheats.com/2014/06/05/minebot-download-guide-minecraft-pocket-edition/

Go back and build what ever it was you wanted to be a block on that platform.


Pull out your map to check if it has worked.

Finally, place an item frame and put the map on it, and bam! You’re done!

image5 (1)

That’s it for Minecraft guides for today! What did you think of this guide?

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