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Hey guys! A Minecrafter named Gahmn has given us some good pointers for building better quality Minecraft designs! We thought we’d share his tips with the community and show the difference that a bit of extra attention to detail can make on your very own designs!

Gahmn has listed three different things to focus on – Depth, patterns and practice/experimentation.

According to Gahmn, depth is about making walls 2 or more blocks deep. A simple flat wall is easy to make but it doesn’t always look that good!

First Gahmn has provided us with a screenshot showing a building without depth. It’s simple and it’s not that spectacular.

Now here’s the building with a bit more depth added to it! Now the building looks a lot more appealing!

You could take it even further and add this amount of depth to your own buildings!

The next step is to focus on patterns. Patterns are easy to create but sometimes they’re a bit too unoriginal. This checkered pattern is used a lot so it’s not that special.

Here is an example of a building with a better pattern and color scheme. This building also has a lot of depth!

The next thing is about practice and experimentation! You can’t build a good Minecraft design without trying out a few new things. Even if something doesn’t work out, at least you’ve tried!

Thanks for checking out this Minecraft guide!

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  1. I made a tutorial like this 2 days before this went up….it’s kind of scary how simulator they are!:)

  2. P.S. I made mine for my friends so there is no way that this mine rafter stole it from me