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Hey there mcpe cheats readers! Recently, I found out that a new skin pack came out for mcpe. This skin pack came out with the 0.14.1 update.

In this skin pack, #8, there are 27 skins. The skins include many of the main characters in the Minecraft Story Mode app. There seems to be one skin of the normal character, and another of the same character, but with some neat armor. If you don’t buy the skin pack, you get 6 skins for free. They are the skins for the character Jesse.

In this skin pack, there’s also a lot of ethnic diversity, which is great!Screenshot_20160413-165755

Now of course, this price does vary depending on where you live. Some devices might even have it for free, while others might need to pay 20¢.


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  1. I got it when it just came out and it was free. Then it was 10 cents on Android. Now since the “rush” for the skins is over, they changed it to 2.99 so people who never got the skin pack would have to have a hard time.