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Hey guys! We love to submit more Minecraft guides for you and today we have an excellent guide sent in from MEGAMON! This guide will teach you how to name levers so that you can distinguish between your redstone circuits easier! The way this lever naming system works is actually pretty clever. Check it out below!

First up, create a hole in the ground.

image2 (51)
Next build a structure like this. It can be made out of any block. Build this structure around the hole you created.

Next, get a Villager spawn egg and rename it to any thing of your choice. This will be your lever name!

Now place the villager in the 1 block deep hole.

Then fill up the hole with a single block and place a lever on top. You now have a named lever!

Neaten it up by adding a few other blocks to the structure. Ta-da!

This is one of the coolest Minecraft guides that I have seen in a while. Thanks for sending it in!

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