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Hey guys! Today we have another skin monument to show off! Since we showcased the first statue we have been getting a lot of different Minecraft designs that feature similar content. Check out the new skin monument below!

This is one of cat_craft1’s Minecraft designs and I must say that it really does look like her skin!

image (72)

Here is another image of the skin monument. This time we have a view of the front of the statue and a comparison of the skin as well.

image (73)

What did you think of this design? If you have any Minecraft designs like this that you would like to send in please send an email to submissions@minecraftpecheats.com.

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  1. So amazing plus that skin is sexy and I love working with builders so if you have xbox plz friend me and/or email me about making asome build.. My gamer tag is Hawk680 and my email is BradyDalia@gmail.com