Home Guides How To Get Beets in Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.8.0!

Hey guys! I’ve noticed that quite a few new players still don’t know how to get beets and beetroot in Minecraft Pocket Edition yet, so I’m going to create this small guide to explain how to do it! If you’re new to the game, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that it’s actually pretty easy to do!

Step 1- You’ll first need to get a hoe – you can create one of these with two sticks and two logs, stones, iron bars, or other bars.


Step 2- With the hoe out, you can start to tap the grass. Doing this will get rid of the grass and replace it with dirt. This can be used to plant seeds on, but it can also be used to find seeds!


Step 3- Keep using the hoe on the grass, and eventually, you will find a beetroot seed! The beetroot seed can be seen below, alongside a normal wheat seed.


Step 4- Once you have got a beetroot seed, you can grow it! To do this, you can first create an area where you’ll want to plant them. Use the hoe to ready the dirt. You’ll then need to dig an area in the ground to put water in. This will keep the seeds from getting too dry!


Step 5- You can either wait for the beet to grow, or use bone meal to grow it super quickly! This is a picture of what the beetroot will look like once it has grown.


Hopefully this will help any new players out! Feel free to leave your own farming tips in the comments section below!


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