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Hey guys! Today I have a pretty awesome building design to share with you! This design is of a church, and was made by Buckeyes937. On top of being a decent design, Buckeyes has also put on an extra texture pack to make things look even cooler! Below you can see the church, and look at the texture pack he used on his design!

Here is a picture of the front entrance of the church! The building has a very fancy front garden area that is filled with decorative waterfalls and trees!


Here is a closer look at the courtyard and garden area! You can see the nice neat garden, as well as the various rooms of the church here. There are two main church rooms that are connected by archways and towers.


A lot of detail went in to creating the inside of the church, too! Thanks to the texture pack that Buckeyes937 used, it looks very detailed! I think this texture pack really suits the kind of building Buckeyes was trying to create.


This is the insides of the other church building. There are two different main buildings in total, as well as areas that connect each building together.


Here you can see a bit more of the courtyard, and the two different church buildings that were shown in the pictures above.


The texture pack for this design can be found here: http://minecraftpecheats.com/2013/09/28/check-out-this-more-realistic-texture-pack-minecraft-pocket-edition/

What do you think of this design, guys? Feel free to leave all of your comments down in the section below!

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