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Hey guys! A fan has sent in some really awesome pictures of their nether portal design! The creator has made a nether portal that actually leads to a nether area! Although the portal doesn’t actually teleport you anywhere, it drops you into a nether room and it looks really realistic! Take a look below!

Here’s the Nether portal. The creator has used pink wool to create the portal effect.


If you walk into the portal, you drop down into a hole, and you’ll find this!


To create this, the creator of this design dug enough space underground to fit a nether room in, and then activated a nether reactor in the ground! The creator then filled up the rest of the space, and made a hole into the nether room that you could reach by going through the portal.


I think it’s really cool and it’s a really smart way to make a realistic nether area! If you wanted to make a realistic nether in a world on Minecraft Pocket Edition, I think this is probably the best way to do it.


The nether room has a limited amount of space in, but it is the closest thing I’ve seen so far to a real nether within a world! The down side to this design is that the only way to get back up to the surface would be up a ladder.


Do you have any methods to making realistic nether portals in Minecraft Pocket Edition? If you do, I’d love to know how! Just let me know in the comments or send us an email of your design to submissions@minecraftpecheats.com!

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  1. No make another nether portal have ladders going down and then make a minecart track back to the surface