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Hey guys!

We are now taking submissions via email so you can share your creations with us and get them shown to the rest of the community! Our first submission comes from Fabian who has created some cool pixel creations!

A pixel creation, or pixel art, is a creation that is made out of lots of different block colours. When you look at it from far away, or from above, it creates a picture! Fabian has sent us four cool pixel art pictures that he has made in his own world.

The first one is a super cool smiley face! It is quite hard to make round things in a world where everything is made of squares, so I think Fabian did a fab job with this pixel creation! If you know about the awesome face meme, you’ll recognize where he got his inspiration from!



The second pixel creation is of this awesome octopus! Although the design is quite simple, it has been made in a fashion that fits right into the pixelly world of Minecraft. I’d love to see a creature like this make it into the game!



The third image shows two characters you may recognize! The first one is shown the right one up, and the second one is upside down, but it’s still easy to tell that it’s a minion from Despicable me!



The fourth and final image is an attempt to make a Notch statue! He’s made it out of just wood blocks and it looks pretty cool!



Thanks again Fabian for these awesome designs!


If you would like to share some of your favourite maps, world designs or seeds, then send us an email at submissions@minecraftpecheats.com and we might share it on the website and the app!

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  1. Well they we’re mine and I only had a couple days to make and I also had nothing to see for ideas just my mind also technically Ollie we first because he made this post by the way racing is Pretty lame its for people who want attention

  2. I made a giant cake, a full-sized Herobrine and skeleton (bow included), and a huge Nyan cat, they all turned out awesome!