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Sometimes, getting a cool seed just isn’t enough to get you started in a new world on Minecraft Pocket Edition. Luckily though, there are plenty of maps out there that bridge the gap between a useful seed and a great looking world.

One of these maps is an amazing biome map complete with crazily shaped mountains, plenty of trees and pre-built houses, and I want to let you guys know about it.


This amazing biome map features quite a few areas that both look absolutely amazing and could be useful in creative mode. For example, there are really cool houses built close to the sea which can be used to store your belongings and shelter in at night.


A lot of the map can be found higher up in the mountains. You will have to climb up there, but once you are there you’ll find plenty of trees, rocks and other materials waiting to be collected.


Higher up in the map you’ll also be able to find dozens of trees and more houses hiding within the forests.


If you would like to download this map, the details are below.

Map download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gl4mzznswv52uy4/AmazingBiome!.zip

How to install maps: http://minecraftpecheats.com/2013/04/27/how-to-get-maps-minecraft-pocket-edition/

This map was originally a Minecraft PC map but it has been ported over to Minecraft Pocket Edition by MrJoojo. Here is a video trailer showing off the map.


Do you guys think this map is cool? Say what you think in the comments!

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