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So there are now player commands in Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.7.4!
Although they don’t work yet, they are there, meaning things are coming!

Commands can be entered by typing a “/" then a word such as help etc… This is like Minecraft PC.

With commands you can do loads of things… including setting your world to day or night (in creative)

The command for this would be “/time set day" etc..

With working commands coming out possibly in the next update it shows us that many more features are coming.

One of which could well be day and night in creative!

Here is commands below (my username has been blurred) –



I hope you like this post!

Please tell us what you think about commands in the comments section below!

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  1. the commands come out next update if you got 0.7.5 well then you messed the game up or hacked in the game

  2. iOS people stop complaining about hacking the game. 0.7.5 is only for andriods even check on Google play store

  3. Seriously you just found it I knew it when the update came out you people are new to things

  4. it’s the server. when you make a server you can make commands. for example, the admin might be able to turn night to day, while everyone is playing.

  5. guys 0.7.5 is here and for andriods if you unistall your minecraft your worlds will be saved turst me i”ve done it so now you guys know hope you guys read this only for andriods

  6. For goodness sake’s.0.7.5 is an unannounced update to fix the bugs that appeared in 0.7.4.I have an IPhone 3GS and already had the update since a few days ago.And as for the commands,the regular commands(like in PC) are most likely to come in a later update.I am not sure if it has to do with the server creation,but I am pretty sure commands like /gamemode 1 and /time set night,will come later.P.S.Some of you guys are fooled.One thing,CaptainSparklez DOES NOT PLAY POCKET EDITION!He plays PC.Plus, the username is spelt wrong.It says captainsparkelz,being ovious he is an imperonator.