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In this post I’m going to show you some herobrine sightings on Minecraft Pocket Edition… 

The question is… Does herobrine exist? Well possibly, there has been many sightings.


Take a look:


Herobrine stood on a platform...

Herobrine stood on a platform…

Herobine behind a tree!

Herobine behind a tree!

Herobrine behind a tree again!?

Herobrine behind a tree again!?

Herobrine in a cave!?

Herobrine in a cave!?

Is this herobrine?

Is this herobrine?

The most famous sighting...

The most famous sighting…

So there is proof that herobrine does exist. 

The best places to hunt for herobrine are: 

  • Underground in hidden places…
  • Behind trees…
  • Where YOUR not looking!
  • In the dark!


But remember… It is minecraft legend that herobrine is always watching you!

So watch out for him! You never know!

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  1. Herobrine is just a bunch of garbage. Acasionally someone’s phone will glitch and create Herobrine. Herobrine is a rare glitch. Everyone knows that. We are not retarted

  2. I believe in Herobrine, I’ve seen him on many of mine and my brothers worlds, I’ve even seen notch fight him before. He griefs my creative worlds with TNT, lava and water.

  3. hey guys herobrine is real try to hunt for him . notch said someone called herobrine was signed up to the official website but when he tried to access him he wasnt there

  4. i found a cave then when i delete the world i made other world then i found a house and a cave with a sign that says get out of here or else you are gonna got no worlds left so beware
    that happens to my best friends

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