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In this post I’m going to show you some herobrine sightings on Minecraft Pocket Edition… 

The question is… Does herobrine exist? Well possibly, there has been many sightings.


Take a look:


Herobrine stood on a platform...

Herobrine stood on a platform…

Herobine behind a tree!

Herobine behind a tree!

Herobrine behind a tree again!?

Herobrine behind a tree again!?

Herobrine in a cave!?

Herobrine in a cave!?

Is this herobrine?

Is this herobrine?

The most famous sighting...

The most famous sighting…

So there is proof that herobrine does exist. 

The best places to hunt for herobrine are: 

  • Underground in hidden places…
  • Behind trees…
  • Where YOUR not looking!
  • In the dark!


But remember… It is minecraft legend that herobrine is always watching you!

So watch out for him! You never know!

Please leave your comments below!


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  1. Herobrine Is Jeb
    I know I sound crazy but im not when Jeb has a break or so he goes on people’s worlds and only kills hackers to try to not make them hack

  2. The photos could be fake or real who knows , Herobrine fact or just legend those who saw him saw him ,those who didn’t , didn’t for all we know he could be there or not so agree to disagree

  3. He is real I think he’s on my world cause when I was walking out of my house I got hit from behind and I looked back then nobody was there and don’t say my friend was trolling me I was on single player

  4. Omg the seed PRETTY PIXELS is a herobrine seed! I was putting torches in my hot bar and he just up and he was on fire! Same thing happened to my friend and we were both playing on my seed! It was terrifying!

  5. I swear I’m not lying when ever I see a villager it screams when I look at it it says beware enirb oreh. READ IT BACK WORDS

  6. To be fair though, herobrine may not be bad, maybe even good (possibly?); he could just use so much space that the game immediately crashes when he appears

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