Home Update News 0.8.0 Release Date & Information – Minecraft Pocket Edition

So the 0.8.0 is the next big update after the 0.7.3 update AND IT’S GOING TO BE BIG! 


This is what might be possibly in the update: 

  • Redstone
  • Minecarts
  • Breeding
  • Endermen
  • Infinate Worlds
  • Weather
  • Enchanting
  • Fish & Fishing
  • & MORE!


Watch a video about the update below:



As you can see this update will be really good, and it’s a very exciting update! 

The update will be out in autumn/winter 2013 so we have decided to make a ROUGH countdown for its release date…

Note: It’s not exact, but it’s close! 


Time Until 0.8.0 Is Released…

I hope this helps some of you!
Please tell us what you think about the update in the comments below!

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  • http://A Hohoho

    Ok guys good news this site is bullshit version 0.8.0 is out already they even realesed version 0.8.1 alpha for ios and all trust me there working on version 0.9.0 now

  • Jesus

    Once 0.9.0 comes out what will you do.
    It’ll be bigger than 0.8.0.

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  • madilin

    Seriosly, august to winter!!!!!!!

  • qwerty


  • King

    Hey when is it coming exactly?!?!!

  • http://www.tfh.com Connor

    Thanks for sending all that info about the update 0.8.0 I love it and really mob spawners arsome your the best but still thanks for the info I wish I can met you in relief


    Don’t know :<

  • Plopface22

    23 more hours

  • Jess

    Comes out November 8, Friday!

  • xenomaster2000

    who Xeonmaster2000

  • xenomaster2000

    is Connor thanking Xenomaster2000 about the info 0.8.0 update?

  • xenomaster2000

    are you thanking me

  • omarthecooldude

    There will be no mob spawners. This website is inaccurate. Go check minecraft wiki!

  • Bib

    This is close mabye minuits off

  • Otis Money

    So I’m hearing different stories about whether mcpe 0.8.0 will be out this Halloween or by the end of November. So which one is the real story? When will really come out? I’m like really paranoid right now


  • Bob

    No it is Saturday the 9 no minecraft update :(