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In this post I’m going to show you possibly, the flattest non-ice seed on Minecraft Pocket Edition!

There are some very flat ice seeds on Minecraft Pocket Edition such as the seed called “Flattering”.

However, these seeds don’t look very nice they are made up of mostly ice.


Luckily, a superflat grass seed has been found! Yes that is right!

This Minecraft Pocket Edition flatland seed will be perfect for any creative world, where you don’t want to clear much ground.


So the seed name is: USMC

(All capitals)


Check out some seed screenshots:


Looking out over the seed, as you can see there are no hills, which Is good when your after a flat seed :)

Looking out over the seed, as you can see there are no hills, which Is good when your after a flat seed :)

It is VERY flat!

It is VERY flat!

Super flat! No trees!

Super flat! No trees!

Flat landscape... With only a couple of bumps.

Flat landscape… With only a couple of bumps.

I have also found a video showcase of the seed.

You will probbaly want to see it, so you can watch it below.

Remember once watching the video come back on this app and leave a comment on this post!


Check out the video showcase:

Thanks for reading this post!
I hope you like the seed!
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  • Waaterhol

    This might not be flat at all, but I found a few seeds that have beautiful scenery:
    Seed 1: flat grassy plain no mountains (turns completely opposite, seed has spaces)

    Seed 2: dinosaurs (very cool secret cave for anyone making superhero lairs)

    Seed 3: grassy forest with cave (this looks very impressive)

    These have spaces, except for Seed 2. (Note: their for pocket edition if you have the early edition, and use it in the creative mode. I found them.

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  • http://Minecraft.net Miles

    So what is that seed? The video will not play on iPad mini

  • Theia

    That seed is USMC

  • henry esquilla

    awesome a have the other flat land seed that you post love it♥♥♥

  • Jenna

    When you said there was no trees, I saw a tree in the next picture I saw more trees

  • Cooper

    Very Hilly And Flat At The Same Time. Ask The Expert At feedthebaconservers@gmail.com :)

  • Anonymous

    An other good one is jhonny golden apple