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The 0.7.3 update will have lots of bug fixes and a few new updates for Minecraft Pocket Edition. 

Below, you can see what the new Minecraft Pocket Edition update will have: 



On the update Realms will be alot better, and they will be fixed. You will also have ability to reset Realms.

There will also be a spash text on the homescreen of Minecraft Pocket Edition.


Check out a video about it below:



I hope this helps you know what you will get in the new 0.7.3 update.
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    • Is that really u sky:)
      And when does it come out not what is the stuff that is going to happen in the update.

  1. hey arran man i have been havin this app along time and I admire what u done and I like to join your group on mcpe realms

  2. I wish I could add something to this app I made a maze in my world and u want to share it 😉

  3. stop stealing youtubers names you idiots!!! its just stupid. and noone cares who gets first comment -_-

  4. guys the 0.7.3 update is going to be out on 26 of July and I cheek this morning and still no 0.7.3 mabby its a night update :p ;(

  5. Oh no thats a diesaster i thought there was villagers , redstone , and things like that omg

  6. I still don’t have 0.7.2 on my kindle fire hd
    Is this update coming out for kindle soon please answer if you know

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  8. They need to make a super flat button like the
    Xbox has cause I need that cause I make mini games
    And adventure maps

  9. They need to make a super flat button like the
    Xbox has cause I need that cause I make mini games
    And adventure maps mapsmaps please make that
    And can you make red stone to and levers
    And other things like that

  10. They are also adding double chest, the sun,moon,stars,and spider’s eyes will glow,woooo!!!!!!

  11. Wow, this update touches me ever so… I just wish that time went by faster, and before you know it, tomorrow I finally get to read the big bouncy yellow flashing letters! So whoever is making the update, hurry up! not to be rude.

  12. ok everybody that keeps acting like their youtubers just stop please we all no sky and them would not download this especially because its a pocket edition app

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  15. can someone please help me iv been playing mcpe for a while and I still don’t know how to play on realms or get a server

  16. Sky I’m your biggest fan can I be Part of sky army I killed like
    999 squids I even have a butter sword temple just know I am
    The king of creepers and I will come in handy so please. 🙂