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The 0.7.3 update will have lots of bug fixes and a few new updates for Minecraft Pocket Edition. 

Below, you can see what the new Minecraft Pocket Edition update will have: 



On the update Realms will be alot better, and they will be fixed. You will also have ability to reset Realms.

There will also be a spash text on the homescreen of Minecraft Pocket Edition.


Check out a video about it below:



I hope this helps you know what you will get in the new 0.7.3 update.
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  • kidhikarn

    i found a way to see through explosive arrows mod

  • AntVenom

    more spawn eggs infinite worlds and more hostile mobs

  • dexter

    i agree with brianna

  • SkythekidRS

    When is the update coming out

  • SkythekidRS

    When’s it coming out??? Any Answers???? Plz

  • SkyTheKidRS


  • kingmjordan023

    ok everybody that keeps acting like their youtubers just stop please we all no sky and them would not download this especially because its a pocket edition app

  • Xbluephox

    Hey simon look at this. The update!

  • Skythekidrus

    Budder!! Screw you squid!!!!!

  • Skythekidrus

    Hey fluffy cops an robbers today now!!!!

  • http://chaptercheats Flamethrower

    Does anyone know when its coming out?

  • http://chaptercheats Seed King

    If the there is Sun, Moon, and Stars, it will help in planning your Minecraft day.

  • jovonski

    I’m the real jovonski and all of you guys named like sky fluffy captainsarklz and Canadian just stop copying there name

  • mysticdon

    Love how sky tells someone to learn how to spell but can not spell right himself lol…..oh and if you guys are really not the true sky/jerome/deadlox/mudkip/bajan/ant…….seriously get off the pathetic band wagon and come up with your own names, using their names doesn’t make you look cool, just sad

    • jovonski

      Dude your right I hate how they do that

  • blackdragon

    can someone please help me iv been playing mcpe for a while and I still don’t know how to play on realms or get a server

  • http://Mousebreaker.com Creeperking

    That’s it I thought there were gonna be taming boats and minecarts
    >:( B(

  • http://Mousebreaker.com Creeperking

    Sky I’m your biggest fan can I be Part of sky army I killed like
    999 squids I even have a butter sword temple just know I am
    The king of creepers and I will come in handy so please. :)