Home Update News Minecraft PE 0.7.2 Is Out!

So Minecraft PE 0.7.2 has came out!

It has quite a few bug fixes, aswell as player nametags!


The Fixes Are:

– Unicode keyboard support, chat in more languages!
– Clients’ armor is saved on server
– Realms bug fixes
– A few more bug fixes :)
– Higher friction while flying


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This new update has made Minecraft Pocket Edition even more better, but realms are still not out! This is what is annoying most people.

Now, when you go onto realms it does say “more will be released soon” meaning that realms will come to the wider public soon enough!

This is really exciting stuff so really now, we just all need to wait.


If you are lucky enough you may already have realms as a small number were released a couple of weeks ago.


You can also find out some really good info about realms here: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Realms


To see some realms game play please watch the video below:

I hoped this post has informed you about the new update!

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or comments please post them below!


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  1. Woooow people, I emailed arran about a week ago saying 7.2 is out, then, a week after it came out, it gets put on mcpe cheats. It took long enough. Sry 4 bein an ass about.

  2. And there’s another thing, in minecraft 0.7.1 I had got lag in my android mobile phone, and now, with this release, I haven’t got it.

  3. i somehow cant figure out why it said 0.7.3
    it added redstone emeralds and chain armor

  4. you can do multiplayer: get someone else to play mine craft, click play on minecraft, the player who is playing username should pop up in the list of your works, click it and your in there world and you can play together, easy peezy

    • search on google: download minecraft in panda apps
      click download and click fast download