Home Guides How To Make An AUTOMATIC Wheat Farm! – Minecraft Pocket Edition!

Hello everyone!

I have found out about a really useful tutorial on how to build an automatic wheat farm in Minecraft Pocket Edition!


They are really easy to build and they are vital in Minecraft Pocket Edition survival mode as they can give you loads of wheat to make bread, which can give you hearts.


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This method is really good, but instead of a text based post, its best explained in a video.

So, to watch a video on how to build an automatic wheat farm look below!

I hoped this post has helped you!

If you have any comments or questions please please post them below!

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  1. I have found an awesome animal valcano where animals go flying everywhere. First you dig a hole 3 blocks deep and put about 60-80
    animals in it. Then you put water in the top of the hole and it EXPLODES

  2. Aaron I can tell u made, and answer this if u r.Can u make an update for this app that lets people post their own stuff? ‘-‘ -_- >:-[