Home Seeds Best Diamond/Gold Seeds – Minecraft Pocket Edition!

I have made a list of the best diamond seeds for minecraft pocket editon.

Diamond seeds are good as they allow you to easily find diamonds that can be used to make really strong tools, such as a diamond pickaxe!

The Top Diamond Seeds Are Below:

  • jpgaming (dig straight down)
  • 0.4.0 (dig straight down)
  • rainbowdash


The top 2 seeds are REALLY GOOD! If you dig straight down from the spawn you will find diamonds!


Digging down to find diamonds!


I hope this post helps you to find diamonds and be epic and survival mode on Minecraft Pocket Edition!

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  1. Wow. The second seed it’s actually works. And i have got so many gold and diamond there. Thanks

  2. You forgot some FREAKIN other seeds like um….. um….. I think I forgot the seed