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I have found such an amazing map! It is basically the inside of a nether portal…
At the moment in Minecraft Pocket Edition you can’t make a nether portal, you can only make a nether reactor, so this map really shows you what the real nether portal would be like…


Below, is a screenshot of the map –


It looks exactly like the nether portal when you go inside it on the computer version of minecraft!


Map Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/owl06ohqboj9tqi/MCPE_Custom_Terrain_Map_Pack_%231.zip

Map Site: http://minecraftpeworlds.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/custom-terrain-map-pack-1.html?spref=tw

How To Install Maps: http://minecraftpecheats.com/2013/04/27/how-to-get-maps-minecraft-pocket-edition/

Other Maps: http://minecraftpecheats.com/category/maps-2/



Video Showcase:



Thanks for reading this post! 

I hope you enjoy the map… Please post your comments below!

  • jason

    go look for a life we dont care that your people are first if you think his to putt a comend o abou his

  • jacob

    all of you shut up

  • seed

    is there a seed for this

  • nether builder

    I already builded a nether but i will try to build a bigger

  • N-N

    What’s the seed?

  • N-N

    I didn’t find block launcher

  • N-N

    It won’t download