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So for most people Minecraft PE Realms are not out… Most people are getting this screenshot: SPACER




At the moment only a select group of Minecraft PE players are using realms, this is according to Mojang – http://help.mojang.com/customer/portal/articles/1018151


Minecraft Realms for Minecraft: Pocket Edition, will be available through an in-app purchase, though further details have not yet been announced, this means that, for the moment we will just need to wait. According to mojang the cost of servers will be $10 to $15/month. At the moment minecraft realms are still being developed.


I have found a really good video telling you about realms…

If the video embed did not work, you can watch the video on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rBK4slpTis

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  1. guys arron is right in a way there will be realms but only 10 people can play in a server at a time to make a server you need to pay 10-15 $ to join a realm is free some realms are private so you will need to be invited to go in there will be a app that will control your friends list and other stuff for server creator but it will be free and from what I have research if you are friends with the admin of the the realm then you may be allowed back in and out of that specific realm and with the realm app you will be able to decide to allow mods or disabled mods and the admin can change the game mode to he/she prefer choice now the date of realms coming is a bit foggy seeing as how much research has been done it a rough gusse anytime between june30 to August 1 depending on how much the testers can find ways to improve the game play and fix bugs also just like 0.7.1 the next update will most likely be a bug fixed update so no 0.8.0 will not be Redstone and minecarts and all that good stuff because seeing the reason realms is taking long is because mojang has to put all the items in the realms witch in turn will make it hard to open it right on the spot so to conclude my research I say arron you are wrong in some ways and in other ways you are right also admin must have lots of memory for the server to play at good quality and how do I know this you may be wandering because I myself was one of the 1000 players to participate in the testing of realms if you would like more information I will post a video on YouTube called *minecraft realms info* it will most likely be talked about while I play cod mw3 cause #1 I did not root my phone so I cant make videos from there so I will be using my ps3 video card driver I will show you the gameplay of realms while call of duty will be played in the right corner so I hope you see it and the video will be posted on TylerDeane channel anyways I hope this helped you guys have a more upbeat look at when realms will come out…

  2. fr me it says that its not yet released fr my android tablet, A.K.A Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

  3. why do u have to pay, I’m not paying $10-$15 just to play with others. its rediculous.

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  5. thats bull crap 10-15 dollars who the heck would pay to play when you can hack a free acount and play free now if you want advice make this realms free and release it now or your gonna have alot of mad people