Home Cheats How To Install Mods – Minecraft Pocket Edition

Installing mods, is quite simple!

All you need are a few certain applications and a mod downloaded.


Before you start you need to install the blocklauncherpro app from this download link – http://www.mediafire.com/download/1kfcx0500g27fbc/blocklauncher_pro_1.1.3.apk

Then, please watch the video below:

Video link, if the embed did not work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjX9clT1yWE


Please watch this video below, it will show you how to install mods –

Video link if the embed did not work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ihIg0t-Bpo


I hope this post helps you alot when it comes to installing mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition!

If you have any questions or comments please post them below!

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  1. You people don’t know how to get mods you just download the app for Android mods for 2 then download mcpe launcher / or block launcher also you can downloadultimate tool kit also named as UTK and another app is pocket inventory editor NOW ALL THESE APPS ARE GREAT FOR MINECRAFT I PLAY MINECRAFT SO MUCH MY FRIENDS CALL ME THE KING OF MINECRAFT also another bonus for this is they are all free

  2. Pockettool is good, but uninstalls and reinstalls, so clumsy. BTW, Arran I found a redstone alternative door. It slides.

  3. mods are awsome I play minecraft pe 0.7.2 I cant wait till fall or winter cause mcpe 0.8.0/0.9.0 are coming out with enchanting redstone iron doors pumpkins infinate worlds.and p.s. get pocketinventoryeditorpro it cost $1.72 but it rules I got a creative world to survivle and I got chainmail armor this app rules you cant gt he free version too but not as good but still cool ok bye.

  4. I can’t seem to download the app from mediafire. When I want to install it, it says ‘error parsing file’. What the heck? Help plz…

  5. I also use pockettool but after installing mods I get this skull or somthing with x’s with 9 slots and i cant break blocks. Please help

  6. the video shows that the video has been terminated by youtube. how do i can know how to install the mod?

  7. Why does it say “This video is private”????????!!!!!!!!?????!!!!!!!????!¡!!!!!?????!!!!!????!!!

  8. Why doesn’t the stinkin’ video work I even tried the link

    P.S pockettool is sucky dont try it force closes

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  10. None of the videos worked because they are private, and the mod download link doesn’t work because it’s “not stored on mediafire aanymore.” This is CRAP.

  11. I agree with firesong. this crap video or “mediafire ” don’t work! please fix, because I will delete this app!!!!!!!!!!!!!