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So now the 0.7.0 update has came out… Some people will be looking forward to the next update, which should come out autumn-winter of 2013.

This will be named the “0.8.0” update.

Here are some possible features of the update: 



Minecraft PE Updates…


















All the features listed here may not all come out in the 0.8.0 update, but it is what is coming in the future!

Check out a video of the possible 0.8.0 updates here:

Thanks for reading this short update post!
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  1. I hope endermen come in the game and replace the nether reactor to the nether portal. That would be sweet!

  2. I heard 0.7.2 comes out here this week. And. I Wondered what all the new features are plz respond

  3. it would take a very long time to implement all of those things because just like he said in the video devices are not strong enough to do that

  4. Damn, I haven’t even updated to 0.7.0 and now we are working at 0.8.0? I gotta keep up with things O.O

  5. the 0.8.0 will not have endermans,wolfes,enchantment table or redstone I hope we are getting the largest wrold on it 🙂

  6. I dont know about you guys but i would really like to have a boat on the next upd. i dont ask for minecarts because it requires redstone if you want it to travel far and not downwards everytime so with a boat i could make watercoasters and stuff

  7. Ok i can’t wait until then by the way see when they are going to be done with the realms i am really looking forward to joining other servers and taking there budder except SkythekidRS of course he’s awesome

  8. 0.7.2 and 0.7.3 are coming. They are the bug fixes for realms and other problems. So im not sure they are talking about 0.8.0 yet. But i might be wrong but what i do know is that johan tweeted about chat scrolling. Might come with 0.8.0

  9. Blimey. The update 7.1 has only been out 2 weeks and they’re already showing what 8.0 is going to be like. I hope they put 3 world additions:
    The proper Nether, try building the nether reactor and break the walls, you just go back into your world.
    Updates on the overworld such as infinite map, proper skies and unlimited digging, because dig right down in creative until you reach a gap, that’s a way to die in creative.
    Last one, you all want it: THE END! There should really be a proper end in mcpe. Bring it back mojang!

  10. @Hustl3r66 you don’t know if it will, they can fix bugs to minecrsft, he probably was saying if it comes out now it will lag

  11. Infinite worlds are when the worlds go on forever and they never stop, very easy to get lost in.

  12. Aww dude don’t get us all hiked up about this one too, AND make us sit exited for the next whole year…

  13. I’m not waiting for 8.0 on mcpe I’m waiting for 1.6 to come out next week on minecraft pc

  14. im also waiting on 1.6 on the pc. but this update is cool too and mcpe is geting betterd each update

  15. if you have pocketeditor and put a block down in creative and change it into survival distroy the block and change it to 255 blocks of dimond then put it in a chest and take it out thencraft it in to dimond and you will still have all the blocks

  16. guys listen this app is not from mojang self mojang only can make updates give a comment tot MOJANG for updates voor app

  17. im the guy who just got this app about a month ago and i love it already but i think all of this neather and end arnt comming to mcpe in 8.0 cuz look at what people said what was gonna come in the passed updates so i think there gonna come just not this up date maby later.

  18. AlixCraft google appxk minecraft pe then once ur there click on the sendspace download it will give u 0.7.1 update 0.7 was buggy with the furnaces but 0.7.1 fixed that.

  19. what I want for minecraft p e 0.8.0 is mine carts rail power rails redstone and redstone stuff and wolves and more 🙂

  20. end !end!end! en wait one minute, oh no!ENDERDRAGON!is not in the update!:-(but endermen are!:-) TELEPORTATION! }:) (me because I have only one eyebrow) 😉

  21. FUN FACT: minecraft PC worlds end, but its very hard to make it to the end of them because they are the size of Neptune.

  22. Add the Nether Portals i hate the Reactor and add Caves, Iron Golem, Mods on the starting page and Squids 😀 Goodbye cant wait for the UPDATES

  23. there should be anvils and single player commands like in the pc. example: game mode 0: survival, game mode 1: creative, game mode 2: adventure, teleporting in adventure, setting time, freezing mobs, etc.

  24. Hay sup so ya here are my ideas of what thay should pute in the game(nether portle ender man ender purls no end yet redstone make it so when you kill a mob it has a death animation skelton animation falls a part hoppers 3d clouds rain snow no rain in sand bioms like on pc bouts dispensers no three by three crafting grid jungles mooshrooms growable mushrooms emerals emeral tools and armer and flower pots)

  25. Hey when the update comes out a few minutes after that I will be making videos for mincraft PE users! I will let you know when it’s out

  26. guys before 0.8.0 0.7.2 will have name tags player list and bug fix and 0.7.3 will hopefully come out 3 weeks after 0.7.2 and 0.7.3 will have ender man wolves and many redstone.:)

  27. notch,in 0.9.0 or 1.0.0,can you add the wither and enderdragon boss and PC mod connections in videos like skydoesminecraft mod review videos in his description link , monster spawners ,iron and snow golems,charged creepers(from lightning),nether and end portal blocks in creative,emeralds,NPC villages and villagers/trading,see-through ice,brewing,double chests,jukeboxes,ALL spawn eggs,and BEACON BLOCKS!!!!}:-)

  28. omg if there are enderman there is…….THE END AND THE END PORTAL YEEEEAAAAAA!!!!!! …..sorry for freaking out…I like the end a lot OK???

  29. wow its going to be like Xbox 360 edition but i cant belive the update is going to be on Christmas

  30. listen if u mean infinity world range isn’t real. its really BIG range. how to know if there’s maps limited range. and I rather have both nether core and the portal.

  31. We need nether portals, end portals, villagers, real crafting, seriously infini5e worlds like in survivalcraft, endermen, wolves, redstone like all components. Please email mojang arran please!!!

  32. I can’t wait. here are just a few more ideas through…

  33. do we need to make a new world to get caves and stuff when the update comes? or will it be added to our world?

  34. I just want:
    Infinite worlds
    NPC villages
    Double chests
    The Nether portal and the nether
    More lava
    Flint and steel in survival so clearing is faster