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I have found A great series of videos giving you LOADS of redstone alternatives for Minecraft Pocket Edition! 




Redstone allows you to do some pretty awesome things! But at the moment its not out for Pocket Edition!

Luckily you can use other things like gravel and sand and cactus’s to make cool contraptions…

You may think this is a little weird, using sand to make “redstone like” things, but it will all become clear in the videos below:


Okay, So below are a list of videos you can watch for redstone alternatives! 

Minecraft PE Redstone Alternatives: Cactus Timer:



Minecraft PE Redstone Alternatives: Automatic Bridge:


Minecraft PE Redstone Alternatives: Door Glitch:



Minecraft PE Redstone Alternatives: Selfclosing Door:


Thanks for reading this post and watching the videos!
If you have any comments or questions please post them below!

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  1. I watched those videos already. And, this is a big coincidence, but I was in the middle of making a redstone alternative map. By the way Arran, how do I upload a map to the app or website?

  2. I’ve also made my own ones. like something that let’s water lose, how to activate it from long range, and a trap.