Home Seeds EXTREME OVERHANG SEED – Minecraft Pocket Edition

I have found an EPIC seed for Minecraft Pocket Edition!

It has some of the biggest overhangs I have ever seen for a seed!

Its really cool and you should try it out!


Seed Name: BBB




Check out a video showcase of the seed below: 


Thanks for reading and watching!

If you have any questions or comments please post them below! Thankyou!

  • louisa

    pretty awsome!!!! first comment :3

  • Shaynah

    I love the seed! Epic!

  • mateyyyyyy

    1. comment :)))

  • stalkersteve

    first comment

  • legoofred124

    second commet

  • yolo


  • JP-Gamer

    Its not sooo cool… :/

  • BBC?

    BBB? i im SO not doing it … EVER… IL NEVER DO IT … NEVER EVER

  • ;ypycyo


  • Dave

    why can’t they just make a seed that when you do xray you find like a castle

  • Dave

    i know it really isn’t that cool

  • treton

    dude I know Ur trying in all but it isn’t that awesome what u should do is make an airforce air plane

  • poop

    it reaaly is epiiic

  • Yongene Wong

    so COOL!!!

  • Jackie Jwd

    Does MCPE cheats ALWAYS have to give us a stupid seed that has a “cool” hangover or “huge” mountains or something else? Nobody really wants to make a MCPE world with that stuff. It’s cool and all,but the mountains are too huge,and the hangovers take up almost the whole world. Some people want to build cities or towns on those maps. Oh,and if anyone takes this offensive,don’t hate on me with comments. It’s my opinion.

  • lampy

    Jackie Jwd:
    I agree completely I only like flatter worlds because they are easier to build on and under

  • pokemon

    Jackie Jwd and lampy:
    I support your ideas completely. Flat seeds: build amazing city.
    Mountains with cool overhangs and lavafall: where do I build?????

  • minergirl


  • Jacob C.

    That is to “Dave”.

  • Jacob C.

    And “treton”.