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In this post I will be telling you about the top 5 Diamond Seeds for Minecraft Pocket Edition! 

Diamonds are probably one of the best items in Minecraft Pocket Edition as they are be used to make SUPER STRONG tools and weapons as well as Armour!


All the seeds in this post are amazing! When you dig down from the spawn point you will find diamonds!

Now, lets begin, with our top 3 Diamond Seeds!


1 – Seed Name: jpgaming

2 – Seed Name: CaptainSparklez





I hope this post has helped you lots!

Please comment below if you have any comments or questions!

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  1. jpgaming is the seed with herobrine O.O I’m not kidding either, he killed me, twice on that seed, find diamonds and then he gets u

  2. my brothers and I are pretty sure that herobrine is on the ONE DIRECTION seed. we arent positive though

  3. ONE DIRECTION has 4 lapiz under spawn and 3 hills, a massive waterfall, a lavafall and is half ice!!!

  4. jpgaming is a seed for herobrines cave also ppl so if u used watch for symptoms of herobrine be safe

  5. Herobrine is in all of those diamond seed after you got your diamonds he will be waiting for you. :0 🙁 and PS you have a 12*/* of survival