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So “realms” have not yet be released to the wider public. According to mojang… on a selected few people are testing it. But when realms come out they will cost you $10-$15/month to run if you own one, but you to join one for free, or through in app purchases I think.
MinecraftPECheats.Com will make its own server once realms are out and we will invite people to join it! 

You can read more about realms here: http://help.mojang.com/customer/portal/articles/1018151


Besides realms not being out for this moment as they should come out in the next couple of weeks, you can still play multiplayer over wifi…

We have found a really good video showing you how to do exactly this.


To watch the video, have a look below: 

As you can see, playing over wifi I still as it is. You can still do it. Updates on Minecraft Pocket Edition realms will come shortly! 

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