Home Update News Minecraft 0.7.1 Update With Bug Fixes Released!

So a fix for the bugs in 0.7.0 was pushed out yesterday!

It was named the 0.7.1 update, you can download it from both Google Play and the Apple App store now.


It contains the fixes for: 

– Furnace and Armor screens
– Buckets
– Food animation
– Fire texture
– Realms


You can see a preview of the new update below: 



So what is in the new update?

– Alpha of Realms servers
– Buckets
– Fire
– Smooth lighting
– Spawn eggs
– Chat
– Egg, milk and cake
– Connecting players inventory is now saved on server
– New menus


Overall, it’s a really good update, we will be making lots of cheat and glitches videos for it very very soon! So stay tune for them!

Thanks for reading!

If you have any questions or comments please post them below.

  • ghostlyman12

    guys if u hv google play uninstall minecraft (dont worry it will say u hav it purchased so u dnt need to buy it again) thn install it and it will b updated

  • jtg

    my friend got the app from me and now it says she has to purchase it but she isn’t allowed to buy apps that aren’t free… what should she do?

  • PrincessHoneyxx

    Here, for the people that haven’t buyed the game http://www.mediafire.com/?kzbi3g2jcnqbayy I have the actual game which i bought but here you go (: <3 This is the 0.7.1 update if aptoide or 4shared isn't working

  • skyler beach

    realms won’t work and furnaces are not working again after the fix we would all like if u fix this.-_-

  • Yongene Wong

    the realms cant work. when I did on my iPad, it said no server slosts. I was like, WTH??? how to use realms???

  • hi

    how do you get it all it is doing is taking me to the mine craft I already have and wont let me fined mc pe 0.7.1

  • sophie

    can someone tell me how to make/create a server on realms? I don’t know…

  • Lala

    How does lightning work?

  • taliesin

    every1 keeps saying the same things. Realms isnt on yet its there but they still havin some server problems wich ive taken from a tweet off johan they tryin to get 1 up today but itll probably be tomorow.

  • kurt345

    yaeh its awesome i have minecraft pe and its awesome

  • thomas

    how do you get the update

  • Dom

    its cool

  • jadarius

    Where can i download the update

  • Christopher

    how com when I place a bed it jest go,s to my home screen

  • Thepownest

    I don’t known why it does this but every time I sign in to my account on realms for minecraft pocket edition it always says there are no servers available. If u guys could please reply back to me so I know whats up with it.


  • David Smith

    I just stopped playing a game online, because I just talked to some workers at mojang. They said that the debate team didn’t decide on if you would have to pay. And that realms comes out NEXT MONDAY! But that is all I heard. I asked not for the monthly payments.

  • Joshua Posey

    if you want the mult8player over same wifi, it will show up on your normal world screen at the bottom

  • katie huffmaster

    I don’t like the new version cause I cant light my tnt on there and there is no flint and steel on creative but I still like it though :( :'( :)