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I have found an EPIC quarry seed for Minecraft PE!

It literally looks like half a mountain has been blown off! Its AMAZING!

Seed Name: hajimashte



You should seriously check the seed out! Now, you should watch the video showcase of the seed:

Thanks! If you have any questions or comments please post below!

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  1. That’s like Japanese for “nice to meet you”
    Anyway cool seed
    From your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man,

  2. i need more update news not this crap you fool.You cray cray and by the way i was the first one to post

  3. Do you have any seeds for a mushroom biome on Pocket Edition?? I’ve been looking for one forever!

  4. this seed is cool and i found in total there are about 23 blocks of exposed iron. and tons of coal.I also thunk this can be a good survival seed

  5. the first time I went in the seed, I thought it was fake,because where i spawned was not where the quarry was so I checked for wrong words.this time,i tried to find where was the quarry……finally, i found it. it is superb and cool like Brad Pitt!!!

  6. WARLOK IN MY PANTS, this is just a seed.Arran has shown you a lot already.You should thank him for checking all this news,even though he is wrong,he still wasted his time doing this. Sorry if you think different,WARLOK IN MY PANTS.

  7. sorry again,WARLOCK IN MY PANTS,i thought your name was WARLOK IN MY PANTS.Anyway,its still funny.