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I have found an EPIC quarry seed for Minecraft PE!

It literally looks like half a mountain has been blown off! Its AMAZING!


Seed Name: hajimashte










You should seriously check the seed out! Now, you should watch the video showcase of the seed:

Thanks! If you have any questions or comments please post below!

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  1. this seed is cool and i found in total there are about 23 blocks of exposed iron. and tons of coal.I also thunk this can be a good survival seed

  2. the first time I went in the seed, I thought it was fake,because where i spawned was not where the quarry was so I checked for wrong words.this time,i tried to find where was the quarry……finally, i found it. it is superb and cool like Brad Pitt!!!

  3. WARLOK IN MY PANTS, this is just a seed.Arran has shown you a lot already.You should thank him for checking all this news,even though he is wrong,he still wasted his time doing this. Sorry if you think different,WARLOK IN MY PANTS.

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