Home Minecraft PE Seeds SUPERFLAT SEED! Minecraft Pocket Edition!

I have found an EPIC flat minecraft PE Seed!

Seed Name: magicman


Pure flat land!

Pure flat land!

As you can see, pure flat land!

As you can see, pure flat land!

Here is a sandy part of the seed

Here is a sandy part of the seed

Seed Name: magicman

Video Tour:


If you have any questions please comment below!

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  1. hey that’s cool u wondering how I’m on this I have the texturpack. guns. in minecraft and I cheat wait a seed. 0.4.0 wow dig under spawn. and thanks for subscribe. and how do u add people on minecraft. PE

  2. A flatter one by me is “time” not all flat but flatter then this one to all you MCPE players

  3. Well, it is not flat but I can live with it. We all know that Minecraft PE does not have an existing “super flat” seed. We “ALL” know. But it is really close to being one. Thanks for trying to do so, and keep trying. Maybe you might get an even more flat seed!

  4. mine is the best among you all.
    I got a map and its superflat no trees no evrything and when u dig 3 blocks down u will see bedrocks.

    its only grass actually its downloaded

  5. You are an idiot. You just spawn on ice. It’s always flat!!!Nobody should waste their time on this seed.

  6. Hey try the seed nuketown. It almost all the way flat, it would take like five minutes to make completely flat. Try it!!!!! Arran if you like it post it on mpce cheats!

  7. I know an ice superflat seed type up these letters as they are here nathan and felix there you go

  8. download ultimate tool kit or utk and you can get a superflat map that is fully flat, just like the normal minecraft

  9. I know another seed its called “flattering” but the flat part is made of ice block. and its a really really flat and wide wide seed!

  10. I typed seed doesnt work but i think herobrines there bcuz out of nowhere my house caught on fire and doors keep opening

  11. Why did he put “Superflat”? When I was lookin for a superflat seed, it was this one.When he found the video, it clearly read,”Flat Seed”, not,”Superflat Seed”.

  12. Its flat enough to build a small town on it so get over it not being flat like arran says and build stuff