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Herobrine is one of Minecraft’s great legends! To find out more about herobrine go here: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Herobrine

This is what herobrine looks like:




As you can see its a figure with “white” eyes!

I have found a video of where Herobrine was found on Minecraft Pocket Edition!

The legend is… You may find him on your world!


Check out the video here:

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  1. You all are wrong herobrine is real I saw him by my eyes first when I was gathering some diamonds I made a cave underground inside this cave after 2 days in the game I made a house inside the cave inside my house I saw redstone torch inside another cave and i was afraid I went to this cave and I saw a sign written by herobrine it was red color yeah that true written on it COME INSIDE I was afraid to get inside but I go and I saw many diamonds inside a chest I took them then I looked back I saw him and he killed me. LoL

  2. Listen, herobrine is real!! I used a seed from one of my favorite youtubers. It’s an awesome seed because, it spawns two villages in right when you enter the game. After I entered I chose a house to live in and after an hour of basic gameplay, a random fire started, burning down three houses. I had then went back to my house and random signs with no writing on it was placed inside my house. My heart began to race because I knew that it was no random coincidence, I used no mods and I made no signs….he is real..

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