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This seed may not be quite like a jungle, as the famous jungle tree has not yet come to Minecraft Pocket Edition, but at the moment it is the best seed you will get that sort of looks like a jungle:

The Seed Has:

  • Waterfalls
  • Lots of trees on one part of the seed
  • MASSIVE CLIFFS & Overhangs!

Seed Name:


Seed Tour Video:

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  1. I have a sugestion for a Minecraft Pocket Edition Seed for Android. The seed name is: Iowa yes it is Iowa with a capital I. When you spawn you land in a small desert. If you walk or fly forward you will see the land is very flat for creative, it also has many resouces for survival. Such as wood, mushrooms, and alot of sand. If you post this seed can you mention my name? Its Mason Selvy. Im am 13 years old and from Iowa. Thank you for reviewing my seed.

  2. U said it was a jungle seed not a forest seed i wanted to see jungle trees even though they don’t have it in PE yet

  3. This isn’t even a jungle. It’s just a bunch of oak trees that are kinda taller than normal. But you did get the maintains and over hangs right. Those are cool!