A really kind user has told us about one EPIC Skyblock seed!

Seed Name: dedication


Here is the skyblock!

I have decided to make a video tour of the seed, please watch it below, when watching the video, please like it and subscribe to my channel! #

Video Tour:

If you have any questions or comments please ask below!

  • CrazyJackmac

    I’m the first one to see it

  • Jacob

    you should also try the seed: bacon . it has a lot of small islands and penninsulas

  • Mrmo

    Hi arran i have the most EPIC seed ever: eatherNEATHER most awesome caves,mountains and even a lil desert,please watch this seed

  • nowla

    “gobble gobble fat man” is the best seed ever to be seen on mcpe

  • dane

    try the seed yiryt

  • Wyatt

    Great seed… but the only way up is by building… if you Spawned on the island it would be the EPICEST SEED EVER… but the mob farm makes up for it. :)

  • Wyatt

    NVM, its the Jeffrey that makes up for it. XD

  • Glitch

    Glitch seed,the glitch is 7.0

  • Carlos

    Try tree house seed it has no ——- the same way how it written

  • Awesome

    K its rubbish

  • Awesome

    Its rubbish its the werst thing ever

  • Skyfan 101

    Try The Seed: new york