Home Update News 0.6.2 – 0.7.0 Update Information – Minecraft Pocket Edition

We have found a really good video that basically goes though all the update information for the new Minecraft Pocket Edition update!

Without Further Ado, you can watch it below:



Note: The update should be OUT VERY SOON! It will be any day now! Please keep your eye out for updates!

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  1. I wish in next update its have a weather and cat and dog slime nether portal work and all like pc version or xbox version please

  2. I now have this on pe and i just also wanted to thank all of my subcribers and yah come on 0.7.0.also im working on video 86.

  3. Why didn’t minecraft pe 0.7.0 came out yet I was staying up late to see if I got the update but probably you are lying to us you could of took pictures from on the Enthernet!!!

  4. they should add ridable mod im minecraft pe soon also saddles to create a ridable sheep also there should be wolfs can t wait for that

  5. My friend is doing a showcase for the update. he says
    there’s going to be enchanting nether
    redstone pistons and more