Home Update News 0.6.2 – 0.7.0 Update Information – Minecraft Pocket Edition

We have found a really good video that basically goes though all the update information for the new Minecraft Pocket Edition update!

Without Further Ado, you can watch it below:



Note: The update should be OUT VERY SOON! It will be any day now! Please keep your eye out for updates!

  • SkyDoesMinecraft

    Yoyoyo when is MCPE update 0.6.2 going to come out?

  • sara

    1 skydoesminecraft was here (awesome) and 2 I swear I have gotten eggs in mcpe

  • sieghart

    hey this is 28 th of may why minecraft pe 0.7.0 doesnt exit???

  • Richard

    I wish in next update its have a weather and cat and dog slime nether portal work and all like pc version or xbox version please

  • pj

    when dose it come out for
    htc android

  • Stampylonghead

    I now have this on pe and i just also wanted to thank all of my subcribers and yah come on 0.7.0.also im working on video 86.

  • Loser

    Alright! It’s the beginning of June now! Where is the freaking update!

  • Jakester10234

    The updates taking forever

  • Kane

    Why didn’t minecraft pe 0.7.0 came out yet I was staying up late to see if I got the update but probably you are lying to us you could of took pictures from on the Enthernet!!!

  • astrominecraft

    this game is bril I am a total fan and I cant wait can any of you guys

  • lolly

    they should add ridable mod im minecraft pe soon also saddles to create a ridable sheep also there should be wolfs can t wait for that

  • Riley

    My friend is doing a showcase for the update. he says
    there’s going to be enchanting nether
    redstone pistons and more

    • Ryan

      Your friend is retarded.

  • hunyer

    when will it come out on android/razor