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Maps are amazing! They allow you to download ready made minecraft pe worlds that have been built by other people. In this post I will be highlighting the top 5 minecraft pocket edition maps for both android and ios.


PLEASE NOTE: I won’t be replying to any comments if you ask “How do I install Maps?” TO FIND OUT HOW TO INSTALL MAPS GO ON THIS LINK BELOW:


There is a video for both android and IOS telling you how to do so.

Lets Begin…



This is an EPIC city map! Ready for you to explore and add too!

Download Click Here









#2 Superflat PE

This is a 100% FLAT SEED! Its Grass! WOW!

Download Click Here










This is an EPIC Kingdom and castle map! The biggest ever for minecraft pocket edition!

Download Click Here











#4 Pallet Town

This is a really nice Minecraft PE Town, its worth a download!

Download Click Here










#5 Super Craft Bros.

This is one cool seed! With loads of lava and cool features!

Download Click Here












I hope this helps you! Remember…  To find out how to install maps visit: http://minecraftpecheats.com/2013/04/27/how-to-get-maps-minecraft-pocket-edition/

If you have any questions comment below! 

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  1. Can you play them on survival? That would be sweet! It would be cool to roam around a city full of zombies!

  2. I downloaded it and idk if you know “extract”.I tried to extract the tazader 9.zip and after extracting the .zip it should show a folder.
    But tazader 9 not shown a folder. Plz fix it

  3. hey guys if you want this to play on survival on android download on google play minecraftpeinvedit

  4. Arran idk if u can but the chunks, entitles, level, and player are all in the ownership of “root”, so change it to be “mobile”. This is only can be done on iFile, for idevice users.

    (i know its hard to understand sorry)

  5. Every time I try and download any of the maps the download is always unsuccessful. Why? plz help

  6. hey Arron I have a kobo arc and for some reason I can’t download mediafire files but I can with drop box files and I have used drop box to upload a few other pe maps so could you plz give us a dropbox file and a mediafire file? I think other people have been experiencing the same problem.

  7. To change to survival.
    1. create survival world
    2. Exit MCPE.
    3. Go to Your files.
    4. Find “games”. in games open minecraft worlds. open city you want to copy.
    5. copy Chunks.dat. paste in world you just created.
    6. open MCPE And map of your world you created.