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This post will tell you the top 10 Minecraft Pocket Edition Skins!


To learn how to change your minecraft PE Skin Follow This Tutorial: http://minecraftpecheats.com/2013/04/17/changing-your-skin-minecraft-pe/


#10 Ice Princess

iceprincessClick Here To Download Ice Princess


#9 Electric Creeper


Click Here To Download Electric Creeper


#8 Lava Creeper


Click here to download Lava Creeper


#7 Homer Simpson


Click here to download Homer Simpson


#6 Herobrine


Click here to download Herobrine


#5 PSY


Click here to download PSY


#4 Knight


Click here to download Knight 


#3 Finn


Click here to download Finn


#2 Teenager


Click here to download Teenager


#1 Deadmau5


Click here to download Deadmau5


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  • victor


  • Butter

    the lava creeper is tbnrfrags he made it

  • xperiafox

    all you need is pocket tool

  • skidmark

    U just need the app “pocket tool” to install skins

  • Brooke

    omg wish I could have Finn, deadmou5s herobrine and the ice princess at the same time!

  • troll

    first bitches im number 1

  • http://Aol Leah

    How do you download it onto your iPad

  • http://Aol Leah

    Anyway amazed

  • http://facebook berke


  • dimoncheg


  • banana

    Awesome so using them

  • James

    This sucks!!!!!! I did all steps with Pocket Tool and now it is saying Uninstall and then I do it and then it says to install and I do it then it says go to Minecraft and it says Unathorized Request and then I wont let me play at all now!!!!! So I deleted Pocket Tool and it still wont let me play!!!!! dont do it!!!

  • young da crafter

    if u want to get skins texurepacks on minecraft pe download block launcher on play store

  • Kristine Jiang

    Love ice princess

  • nelica

    I want elsa

  • HufflepuffKnight

    This was made back when Arran wrote the blogs

  • PigGamerGirl

    I’m so sick and tired of that Steve skin! Hello! There are girl on this earth! Lol!

  • PigGamerGirl

    Plus I’ve played MINECRAFT for a really long time I’ve been waiting for skins for almost 2 years

  • Chloe

    I need an awesomely epic girl skin. No girly girl skins. Epic tomboy skins.