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    • Oh my no space for buildings !!! It’s ok. There’s full of dark
      Places for survival mode and full of zombies

  1. Arran! I found a way to make a sliding door on pocket ed.! Like redstone! Email me and I’ll show you.

  2. Another great Pocket.Edotion seed: waterland
    Seed has:
    – mountains
    – caves
    – a small crater
    – overhangs

  3. Some more epic seeds

    Everything typed as it is

    unicorn: caves

    weinershnitzel:huge caves and overhangs

    apagari: huge caves and overhangs

    nyan: lava and huge cave

    Bo2z: I forgot what it has but I know it’s cool because I have it in my journal lol

  4. your signoff is “as always: no homo”??? i think that automatically makes you a homo, technically speaking…

  5. I you want to have diamonds try the seed:raygun
    I don’t now if has space or no space but just try?peace

  6. This seed is really epic. Lot of snow, epic hill, and lot of goods. Just dig anywhere deeply and you will find somethinf good

    Seed : dbanksatz