• Kyle Nguyen

    Already have it!

    • Creeper.net

      Oh my no space for buildings !!! It’s ok. There’s full of dark
      Places for survival mode and full of zombies

  • herobrine

    What a great seed ohh there was someone there behind a tree if you look close.

  • jesper

    omg, fking epic

  • Issac

    I already have that seed.:-/

  • Will

    Arran! I found a way to make a sliding door on pocket ed.! Like redstone! Email me and I’ll show you.

  • Aaron

    Try : “infinity”
    No Caps Or Quotation Marks

  • Amazure

    Yeah, you could really turn this into an PE AETHER Mod

  • Mario

    Another great Pocket.Edotion seed: waterland
    Seed has:
    – mountains
    – caves
    – a small crater
    – overhangs

  • Locho

    How to use seed?

    • John911

      There is writen seed for the world generator
      And write the seed

  • @_its_just_me_aly

    Some more epic seeds

    Everything typed as it is

    unicorn: caves

    weinershnitzel:huge caves and overhangs

    apagari: huge caves and overhangs

    nyan: lava and huge cave

    Bo2z: I forgot what it has but I know it’s cool because I have it in my journal lol

  • youreadouche

    your signoff is “as always: no homo”??? i think that automatically makes you a homo, technically speaking…

  • Dean

    I you want to have diamonds try the seed:raygun
    I don’t now if has space or no space but just try?peace

  • http://minecraftpecheats.com/2013/05/06/best-minecraft-pe-seed-ever/ Nz rep

    Where abouts on the seed raygun do you find diamond
    Xx 😉

  • zzz

    This seed is really epic. Lot of snow, epic hill, and lot of goods. Just dig anywhere deeply and you will find somethinf good

    Seed : dbanksatz

  • That Nerdy Gurl

    That would be a pain to climb in survival xD try the seed “waterfall”

  • http://mindcraft brylee

    I cant find it