Home Minecraft PE Seeds BEST DIAMOND SEED EVER! 16 Diamonds Under Spawn! Minecraft PE!

This has to be the best seed EVER on minecraft PE! It has 16 Diamonds under the spawn point! WOW!


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This has to be the best Minecraft PE Seed ever to be discovered!

Watch The Tour:

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  1. Another seed is: pen there’s like 50 blocks of clay and right under the spawn there are 9 diamonds and a bunch of coal and also some redstone and iron

  2. The only wish I have is that mojang should add more mobs because creepers and the others are boring.

    Mobs I suggest


    -iron golum


    -snow golum






    -ender dragon


    And the new mob horse

  3. This is actually a really really really good seed I spawned right next to a tunnel system and found 46 iron ore in 2-3 passage ways. I also found over 3 stacks of coal in 2-3 passage ways. I’m yet to find diamond but I feel that I’m not to far away thanks for this seed it’s really good although an awkward name for a minecraft seed. But thanks any way I really love this seed and I hope others do aswell.