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Okay! This is one EPIC post!

Herobrines Mansion that you can download onto your Minecraft PE!


Please Watch This Video Of The Mansion:

Map Download Link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/101792330/Herobrines%20Mansion.zip

How To Install Maps On Android/Apple: http://minecraftpecheats.com/2013/04/27/how-to-get-maps-minecraft-pocket-edition/

If you have any questions, please post below!

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  1. is it real and is herobrine and the wither that herobrine realeses and the skelloten king and the flying creepers

  2. YO can you tell me how to download on non jailbreak
    Please because I’m not on YouTube anymore 🙁 PLZ!!!!????!!!!

  3. theres an easier way go to the google play search up utk and when u see it it has herobrine on the picture and the name of the app so then you download and go to maps and look for herobrines mansion click download and install then its suppost to go straight to the minecraft app then u look at the last map you have n click it ,HAVE FUN!!!

  4. i already have this mansion i download it in minevraftforum.net.to download it you need a androzip(download it from playstore)then extract the map you want to minecraft worlds and your done

  5. This app is SUPER helpful. Great links, awesome content. Why is it that NO ONE seems to get how downloading, installing, and moding works. Its all so simple. My 9 year old niece can do it on her own. LOL An age of technology, and no one knows how to use it. You DO NOT need root or jailbreaking for any of this. I have a Sony Ion (nonrooted) and every link has worked great! Thank you to the creators!

  6. I downloaded this map and its one of my favorites i give this map HD (HeroDrake) Approval its huge and youll never stop fighting mobs in the mansion, i found a few new blocks too: mossy dirt, and some stone that looks like a combination of stone cutter and a furnace but it has no heater or gears like stonecutter has, anyways the mansion is huge it has a pool, but a bunch of random blocks and i spawned inside so i got lost inside but i learned pretty much every inch of the place also in the map most of the world was cut off so try not to fall off and i also found a jackpot ton of obsidian and i found a nrther portal somewhere and theres a graveyard and so much stuff i like this map and i think you guys will really like it too so download it!

  7. it all burns down with sucks I download thus map and it all burned down except for the stone stairs and. platforms

  8. he might have been in my world. I had four packs of diamond and four packs of gold. I went to bed in real life. when I got back on later. it was ALL gone! was it him? I could be wrong