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I have decided to share with you A really cool mountain house I made.

I think houses look really nice when built on hills or mountains, with long stairways leading up to them. They work very well on survival mode so you are above the ground away from zombies. They are quite easy to build, all you need to do is put slits up then make a floor, then build the house on the floor.

Here is the house design:

(Feel free to implement this design on your own world)


A Really Cool Mountain House!

A Really Cool Mountain House!

Stairs leading up to the house!

Stairs leading up to the house!

Inside the house!

Inside the house!

If you have any comments or questions! Please post below!

  • carson chrismer

    what seed

  • Jade

    I wont u to play this with me

  • Will

    Wow! Should I try one?

  • camryn bouvier


  • Zach


  • Jonathan


  • Ian Kirk

    please!!!!!!!! send me a download for that map that house is awesome

  • jlevier99

    will you make a download link please

  • Berke

    Can you put a download link in?

    • Arran

      Not yet!

  • Aaron

    Post More Pictures! I Want To See More But There Are Only Two Pics!

  • bart

    please make your worlds downloadable

    • Arran

      Maybe soon! 😉

  • Emily

    that’s so cool how long did it take to build?

    • Arran

      Not long, about 10 mins!

  • bernardo

    dude can you put thise to download maps please

  • desmandtan

    can u send me some blue prints

  • jlevier99

    make a download or tutorial on youtube

  • mj

    can you put a pic of the largest house on survival mode