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Catching animals on Minecraft Pocket Edition survival is very easy… if you do it right.

Its good to have animals, with sheep you can get beds (wool) and from all of the other animals you can get meat.

With the 0.7.0 update chickens and cows will be very useful to have as they will produce eggs and milk, ingredients for cakes.


 How to catch animals:

  1. Find some animals
  2. Dig a hole with an area of 9 blocks 2 blocks deep
  3. Push the animals in the hole
  4. Build a pen, and keep them in there.
  5. Simple!


Please Watch This EPIC Video Tutorial Below:


Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, please ask below!

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  1. Tip: get pocketinvediter open up minecraft go to ur world mine a block of dirt get it close the world open pocketinvediter tap edit inventory tap that dirt block tap browse look up water and tap water not stationary next go in the world h
    get another do it again change dirt to trap door now world get wood dirt wood ladder dirt furnace this is good have a sword!

  2. Just do to pocket inv editor goto edit entities spawn any animal you want on wherever you want this is more simpler

  3. People need to type better on their computers, noobody understands when u type something indecipherable. it gets annoying. Anyway, yeah, use pocket invediter pro, it is much more simple.:-)

  4. buy pocketinventoryeditor its the simplest way how to spawn animals mobs and get diamonds gold and iron