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MinecraftPECheats has found out about an EPIC seed for Minecraft Pocket Editon survival!

When you dig down from the spawn point you will find loads of diamonds, coal, iron and a CAVE!!!


SEED NAME: jpgaming


To find out more, please watch this showcase of the seed below:


If you have any questions or comments, please post below! 

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  1. Lol ok a cool seed that has tons of diamond but a mod called unbreakable tools mods,better than this seed

  2. there is a better seed fof daimondsbit is called raygun just dig and mine straight down from spawn

  3. Cool video! a recommed seed which me and my friends know is DIAMOND you get 6 iron when you spawn. And it is easy to find diamonds underground. another one is 0.7.0 mine where you spawn.

  4. 0.a.9 is the best seed, if you go straight down by your spawn you find a lot of iron,Gold,Diamonds and coal.

  5. a good seed is goldenvalcano. you spawn on a tiny island with 1 tree. dig straight down from spawn area and you will find diamond, gold, iron, coal, and lapis lazuli. The map has cactus, some visible iron. sadly, it doesn’t have sugarcane.

  6. sugarcane is a good seed. has huge mountains covered in snow. some sugarcane, but you have to look for it.

  7. Not sure if you’ve found this yet or not, but here’s an interesting seed: Horrid Seed

    The main cool thing about this is that there’s tons of caves and great scenery. There’s also some lava and waterfalls.

  8. Try camo2388 I just made it but under spawn there’s diamond and if you dig 4 blocks around that area u find gold and iron I’m still searching

  9. just mine horizontally into a mountain till the middle the dig straight down it works well for me

  10. Its a great map, its got diamonds gold iron coal, and lots of trees but its a pain in the neck that theres only eight diamonds under the spawn, so heres a duplication glitche the needs two people. First get what item u need to dupe and a chest.second put the chest down and the item (s) you want to dupe. Last, you and your friend both grab them at the same time. Another way is with just blocks, save and exit you game, reenter game and place blocks down, then gonto homepage of system (iphone, tablet, ipad, etc.) And delete the minecraft page (not the app) and return to game and you will have the blocks in your inventory and on the ground

  11. guys, try this

    SEED: mt

    so cool! it has lots of epic mountain shapes and hangings… good in survival!

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