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Texture packs change the look and feel of a block in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

You can see some cool textures here:






Textures can make your Minecraft PE World look more realistic or some textures can make your world look really quite weird.

We have found 2 tutorials that you can follow, one for android and one for apple. Please note: for apple you will need a jailbroken device, if you want to jailbreak follow this tutorial at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chbf0WZFbtw


To Get Texture Packs On Android Watch This:


To Get Texture Packs On IOS Watch This:


You can download Minecraft texture packs here:



If you have any questions or comments please post below! 

  • Billy bob

    I have been searching for hours on how to install them.

  • Jake

    I want to get the misa realistic texture

  • Notch

    when i try to get a texture pack it doesnt work wich really sucks

  • fana

    i’ve updated my minecraft pe 0.7.6 and tried to change my texture packs a lot of time using iExplorer and also iFunbox PLEASE HELPPPPPPPPP MEEEEE! D:

    • fana

      it still doesnt change a bit

  • Silver

    With Pocket Tool I have a problem, because whenever I click the “Change Skins/Texture” button theres always a pop-up that says
    “Pocket Tool has unfortunately quitted”.What is happening?

  • junior653

    now that we have 0.8.1 the app for android, Pocket Tool isnt being updated anymore by the maker eversince August of 2013 so thats why it says Pocket tool has unfortunately stopped.

  • http://none EnderPhenoxFire

    um is there any other way to get texture packs on android pocket tool doesnt work tnx bye

  • danny

    hi is there any other way to download texture packs because pocket tool dose not work

  • Santiago

    I can’t download it can someone help me

  • Марк

    Как скачать? How to download?

  • gio

    Pack call or duty

  • http://none Ethan Fox

    I have a jellybean device and it won’t let me go to textures on pocket tool help me please

  • Stephanie

    How do you get it on a IPad?

  • Lily

    This did not help me