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We have had LOADS of requests about how you can install mods on Minecraft Pocket Edition.

We have found 2 epic video tutorials that can show you how do to just that! One tutorial for android one for apple.


Before We Begin… What are mods?

Mods are any modification you can make to Minecraft Pocket Edition, for example there could be a mod that makes you fly in survival mode or something like that. Mods can make Minecraft PE even more fun!


At the moment there are not that many Minecraft PE mods compared with mods of Minecraft PC, However there are still some good mods that you can get your hands on!


How To Get Mods On Android:


How To Get Mods On IOS (Apple Devices) –


We hope this helps you out lots!

If you have any questions or comments please comment in the box below!

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  1. to get the best mods get the app called mods for pe 2 when you get them download them then you get the app pocket tool and go to mods choose the ones u want and hold on it till this pops out patch mod you click that and after you patch all the ones that you want you click your menue button and apply changes it will unistall your minecraft but it will reinstall and your maps will be ok oh and if you want to download maps get the app utk and down load the files wont take long and you go to maps and you down load them them you go to were it says install maps and it will install them but this is only for andriod

  2. I keep experiencing error 24 and it messes up my tablet completely (my tablet is a cyclone voyager) is there anyway i can get texture packs, skins Ect without pocket tool because thats what messes everything up

  3. What the hell is sidia? I cant install it for my iphone if i dont even know if i’m spelling it right.

    Gah!!!! I want trains in my minecraft pe like the trains mod! Dammit notch, why couldnt you have put trains and wind & waves in standard? Grrrrr………

  4. Okay sooo i have a IOS but… It is generation 1 ,the one where you cannot take pictures… Soo i need a cheat where i can get mods on that

  5. OK seriously I need help I don’t want to jailbreak or use a computer and I want mods!