• marvin

    ok kann mann das iwie downloaden ?

  • Mister xxx

    hast du einen Namen der Karte eingegeben und das entdeckt ?


    hLoo maRh

  • damiontimmons

    i tryed it it wont work for me

    • http://minecraftpecheats.com/members/arran/ MCPEJ

      It does work. Please type it exacltly how it is spelt on the site/app.


  • Jaden

    is this for android?

    • http://minecraftpecheats.com/members/arran/ MCPEJ

      Sure Is… Its for android/apple.. you name it!

  • tayler s.

    works awsome!

  • dominik M.

    can you post seeds so that i can check them out? my school doesn’t allow videos

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  • http://skyhabitatt.com sky habitat

    So there’ll be prison time, right? Right?

  • The E-Man

    Try nyan or $hit. Best seeds ever!!!!!!

  • JefftheMinecraftKiller

    Hey those are cool :DDDDDD

  • sabrina

    seed dumb ways to die

    this seed has a few small caves, two huge waterfalls, two huge lava falls, lots of surface coal, sugar cane,

    best seed I have found searching on my own!!!