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In this post I’m going to be sharing with you some EPIC Minecraft PE Cheats & Glitches that you may or may not know about.

Glitch One: 

If you place then destroy a door you get two back, however when destroying the door do it on the bottom half, if not this glitch won’t work.


First you have a door:

photo 1Then destroy it to get two:

photo 2


Glitch Two: 

There is a really cool glitch where you can fly underneath your world on minecraft.

“If you dig in creative mode until you fall through a hole, double jump and you will fly. Also, if you’ve already dug another hole, fly to it and you can fly back up it.”


Basically you fall through into the bottom of Minecraft where its all blue, then double tap very quickly and you can fly around there.

This is what happened with me, you can see all of my underground rooms which is ace!

photo 3Interesting Thing One: 

Switch off ‘Visual Effects’ in the ‘Options’ if you find that your device is struggling you will get a performance boost.

This will make your game ALOT less laggy if it is laggy, it can make it faster to build also as there will be no delay time.


Unlimited Items Cheat: 



Item Duplication Cheat: 


Minecraft Creative To Survival: 


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  1. There are a few more like the single player duplication where u place a block down wait three seconds and hit hime then double hit home earade minecraft off of history and reload the world and u just duplicated blocks or the duplication sigleplayer glitch #2 uou put an item in the chest and exit the chest the taje the item out and exit minecraft by hitting home and double hitting it again then earade it out of history then relaod it. Although that one takes mupliple attempt or like the wood glitch where u have two types of wood then u go to a furnace and place the wood that u want to change the other wood in your invotory to and the wood you put in the furnace as long as its not a full stack it changes up to 63 of the other wood to that wood u placed in the furnace.

  2. I have a duplication one that does a lot of blocks at once rather then one at a time.
    1. put 32 of each item you want duplicated (or any amount up to this). you can fill ur tray with items.

    2. with armour off go up 38 blocks and jump off killing urself and respawn.

    3. go pick up ur items and wait 3/4 secs then click out of the game to ur home screen.

    4. double click home button (apple)and turn off minecraft. then go bk into the game u were playing.

    5. you should respawn just after the items drop so you get double the items. if you do not have any items in ur inventory just go bk to no. 3 and try again.

  3. just download pocket inv editor, and you can get 255 of anything in seconds, plus lava, iron doors, bedrock, fire, and much more!!!!

  4. I’ve Got A Glitch If You Put Down Any Block (Place) Then Press The Home Button Double Tap Home And Remove Minecraft From History then go back in the game when you go in the game you will have it on the floor where you placed it and in your inventory But Sometimes the glitch fails… I Made A Diamond Block House Using This

  5. Come this is three glitches in one!!!! Somebody host the game and another joined the game. The person hosting the the game press the power button two times after the player join the game after that it should say the sever has restarted. The player who join join again and there should be a copy of p2 and when p2 dies u will be invisible!!!!! Repeat as much as you want the more clones you got the more go you have! Note that p1 can’t see p2 clone and it doesn’t show more hearts but you do.

  6. make a new world and put a seed name longliveherobrine
    find lava go under and a huge explotion will happend forever
    till theres a crater hole!!!

  7. My spouse and i much-loved up to you are going to acquire completed in this article. The particular cartoon is of interest, your current authored materials elegant. even so, anyone control obtain acquired an edginess above that you might want always be handing over the following. unwell indubitably occur a lot more formerly again since precisely the equivalent practically extremely incessantly within scenario you protect this particular boost.

  8. I know a nether reactor glitch

    once you activate the nether reactor wait
    till everything turns to glowing obsidion
    then while its activated destroy the nether reactor core
    it will glitch forever and stay glowing obsidion and the building will not get destroyed. also if you go to sleep,right after when you wake up go outside and you will see the sun going in fast motion. the sun thing only works once but the other stuff from what i see will stay forever.

  9. I dont know if anyone knows this but i have a single player glitch that works for all items and not just blocks. I will probably send it in soon. By the way Arron you should probably delete outdated articles from this app. Maybe then it wont be so slow!

  10. I logged onto my world and it was creative, even though it was survival when I made it!!!!
    How do I get rid of it!!!!????!!!!????

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