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In this post I’m going to be sharing with you some EPIC Minecraft PE Cheats & Glitches that you may or may not know about.

Glitch One:

If you place then destroy a door you get two back, however when destroying the door do it on the bottom half, if not this glitch won’t work.


First you have a door:

photo 1Then destroy it to get two:

photo 2


Glitch Two:

There is a really cool glitch where you can fly underneath your world on minecraft.

“If you dig in creative mode until you fall through a hole, double jump and you will fly. Also, if you’ve already dug another hole, fly to it and you can fly back up it.”


Basically you fall through into the bottom of Minecraft where its all blue, then double tap very quickly and you can fly around there.

This is what happened with me, you can see all of my underground rooms which is ace!

photo 3Interesting Thing One:

Switch off ‘Visual Effects’ in the ‘Options’ if you find that your device is struggling you will get a performance boost.

This will make your game ALOT less laggy if it is laggy, it can make it faster to build also as there will be no delay time.


Unlimited Items Cheat:



Item Duplication Cheat:


Minecraft Creative To Survival:


  • Aubrey

    I tried the diamond glitch and it still works for me