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Skins on Minecraft PE make your character look different compared with the normal minecraft person skin.

You can go from looking like this:


To looking EPIC Like this:


Having skins is very important, with the 0.7.0 we will see the implementation of servers, this means that many people will see how you look, so its up to you to get a good skin.

To find out how to do this, watch this video tutorial below –

We hope you found that simple enough, as that tutorial is for android here is the apple version:

I hope this helps you change your skin, If you have any questions or comments, please post them below!

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  1. Doesnt work on S3. the page on pockettool freezes. and when I do appky it, it doesnt go over into my minecraft

  2. I’ve download the app that allows you to change your skin for Android but when I try to change it the app just crashes.

  3. Oh man … I like this app but i hate pocket tool… i got a galaxy S3 and it hangs up every time when i klick change skins in pocket tool… please solve this bug then im happy 🙂

      • It doesn’t work I have tried it Pocket Tool just forces close when you try to change the skin

        • I have a kindle fire 2 i got the pockettool app but when ever i open it it crashes are there any alternatives to pockettool because i really want to change my skin!!!!! Please reply asap thanks!!!!

  4. I installed the skin I wanted but then when I try to change it, it automatically closes. Help!

  5. miner came up with an error message I kept trying it on my nexus 7 but the message kept coming up its sooooo hard

  6. I saw that it has to uninstall and install it again. does doing tthat delete your worlds and the things you did?

    • I don’t think it does, no. I reinstalled minecraft yesterday on my second tablet, and it worked fine!

  7. It wirked but when someone (without a skin) joined me server they would have the skin and i would be plain old stevie

  8. Does it work in IPad, tried and tried, seemed that its not working , not sure if I’m just not understanding it well or it just won’t work