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Skins on Minecraft PE make your character look different compared with the normal minecraft person skin.

You can go from looking like this:



To looking EPIC Like this:



Having skins is very important, with the 0.7.0 we will see the implementation of servers, this means that many people will see how you look, so its up to you to get a good skin.

To find out how to do this, watch this video tutorial below –


We hope you found that simple enough, as that tutorial is for android here is the apple version:

I hope this helps you change your skin, If you have any questions or comments, please post them below!

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  2. WTF this is just some stupid cheap ad thingy that just want you to buy crap or what ever the only way you can Change your skin is hacking the game or just waiting till an update comes out that allows you to change your skin like in the xbox version i was just playing the game and then the update just pops out of nowhere and then vualla i can change my skin screw these stupid adds

  3. Ive tried downloading the iFile from Safari,but it keep on popping out that iFile is unable to download.But why?!?!?!

  4. Guys chill out, just jailbreak your phone. Here’s how to do it REAL easy. I’m sorry that you need a computer but it’s the only way. http://youtu.be/pPSpm9L0Kgk You need to have iOS 8.1.2 ios 8.1.3 Er something like that can’t b jailbroken do to patches. This skin does not show up for other players in multiplayer or co-op worlds ;( I got a video up on my channel or will soon at youtube.com/user/Nat3rat3r on how to change ur skin to a custome skin. THX
    For reading and I hope I helped! 😛

  5. This is notches cousin stop this all mine craft is fun we don’t need skins we need to watch doctor who

  6. I take it the video is gone because this is no longer possible without the Jailbreak a person below had said… that’s too bad. I am a woman and would like to play as one. Well I guess ill get the chance as soon as the 0.11 comes out. : )

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