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Finding ore on Minecraft PE survival is hard! You may dig a massive mine and never find any diamonds or gold, you may only find a couple of pieces of iron and maybe some coal. This does not need to happen, I know a really cool way to find the ore you need fast. It involves you using two words on Minecraft PE using the same seed. One on creative mode, One on survival mode.


  1. Make two worlds on your Minecraft PE app, both using the same seed, one on creative mode, one on survival mode. 
  2. Set yourself up on the survival world build yourself a house, have lots of torches, and stone/iron tools etc..
  3. Now, once you are set up you need to go off the game and go on the creative version of the seed your survival world is on.
  4. On the creative world, start digging down in lots of places, if you find diamonds, gold or iron, you can switch back on your survival world and start mining in the same place to get the diamonds and iron etc…
  5. Repeat the process until you get what you need/want.


By mining like this you will be able to get things you need on survival mode ALOT FASTER! Personally I have done this, and its allowed me to find diamonds in minutes and its really cool.

In a couple of days, I’m going to be posting a post containing a seed where there are diamonds in various places, I will show you where they are so you don’t need to do the hard work, stay tune for that!

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  • Megaenzo

    cool can’t wait for the seed! BTW this app is awesome but needs a better ui

  • samuel

    Schaun wir uns oblivian an?

    • http://minecraftpecheats.com/members/arran/ MCPEJ

      was meinst du?

  • _ThePlayer10_

    I tried it ony Note 2 and it didn’t work. :-(
    Can anyone help me?

    • http://minecraftpecheats.com/members/arran/ MCPEJ

      Please tell us more? Do you know how to survive your first night on survival mode?

      • http://Gmail Kobe hogan

        Yes it’s easy just start running and killing dude but I need help finding diamonds

    • Gtgtg

      Yes CaptinSparklz can its a code

  • shadow

    who has 1.5.1

    • hannahbanana2003

      I have the 7.5 update if I must brag 😛

  • ben4leafclover

    if you wanna survive the first day cut down a tree make a crafting table make a woodin axe so you can get wood fast and id say dig a hole for a home on the first night so you wont waste supplys.

  • Josué

    To survive your first night jus make an axe and Swiss as fat as you can with a tree and keep cutting trees until you have enough wood to put some walls, it’s not necessary to have a roof or a door, just leave a space for the door just big enough so you can defend it should a zombie come, craft the wood into wooden planks so you need less wood to make your walls

  • http://gagglecms Antoine

    everbody go on creative mode because there is gold every where

  • http://gagglecms Antoine

    if you see a house near snow there is gold in there so destroy that house

  • http://gagglecms Antoine

    break that house find that basement full of gold

  • http://gagglecms Antoine

    when you find a house near the door go under his house by digging there his alot of gold and dimands

  • Alice

    What we make with the red stones?

  • clem

    do you need a diamond here is your chance to get it now contact us now,contact via kennethevens12@gmail

  • http://Wikipedia Joe

    The best way to find diamonds is to go ten above
    Bedrock then strip mine

  • hannahbanana2003

    Hmm I heard someone say 15 but I guess that works too
    I thought I saw a lot of diamonds in the 5 zone on seed 1234566789009

  • Kyle

    In this seed if you dig straight down from spawn you will find iron. dig around that area and then you will find : redstone,coal, and diamonds! Hope it helps
    Seed: -1639545398

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/107944969425228301725/107944969425228301725/posts MinecraftChick

    I am know a seed for 8 diamond: jpgaming